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Do you have a compliment about a staff member that you would like to share or questions about a policy?  Understanding the appropriate person to contact will allow us to address your compliment or concern as quickly as possible.  Below are descriptions of who you should contact and when:
Classroom teacher:  Questions about a grade, assignment, or classroom policy. 
Dean of Instruction:  Questions about curriculum, AP classes/tests, or an IB Program.
  • Middle School:  Ben Richards brichards@uplifteducation.org 
Dean of Scholars:  Questions about extracurricular activities, uniforms, or discipline procedures.
  • Middle School:  Jessica Cook jcook@uplifteducation.org
Director:  Questions about school- or network-wide policies, teacher/staff compliments, or concerns that were unresolved by a teacher/dean.
  • Middle School:  Arlene Barochin abarochin@uplifteducation.org
  • Operations:  Brent Schoening bshoening@uplifteducation.org
Managing Director:  Director/dean/teacher/staff compliments, or concerns that were unresolved by a director.
  • Middle School: Anson Jackson anjackson@uplifteducation.org 
  • Operations: Brent Schoening bshoening@uplifteducation.org 
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